Request Images for Marketing and Promotional Use

Our images are available to enhance the Ashland University brand, promote and increase awareness as well as share information and interact with our audience.



All images are owned and copyright protected by Ashland University.  Images are not available for instant download and are not to be copied.  Digital images are available free of charge to the University community when used for marketing and promotional purposes of and for Ashland University.  If this is your intended purpose, please follow the steps below to request images.

*Images for personal use or for commercial promotions outside of Ashland University must be purchased.  We encourage customers to create an account and proceed with purchasing images directly from our photo galleries.



Step 1.  Create An Account

You will need to register and create an account, which allow you to save your favorites and preserve them for use with later sessions.

Step 2. Navigate Our Galleries

Search our galleries to find the right image(s) to enhance the visual quality of your marketing, advertising and promotional needs.  If you know the type of image you are looking for and want to navigate to it quickly, use the Keyword Search feature located at the top and bottom right-hand corner of the gallery page or in the menu bar.

Step 3.  Select Your Favorites

Once you locate the desired photo, click on the Heart.  The image will show up in your Favorites |My Selection in the top menu bar on the left-hand corner.  My Selection is useful when you need to save your selection to go back to at a later date or once you have all of your images selected you can move to Step 5.  If you will be requesting multiple images for a variety of projects, we recommend Adding a New Set, move to Step 4.

Step 4.  Add New Set

Give the set a name corresponding to your project and save.  Navigate to the image(s) you would like to request, click on the heart and add it to your set.  Once your set is complete proceed to Step 5.

Step 5.  Share

Once you are finished with your selection or set, you need to share the single image or entire set with the photographer.  This option will be found in the top menu bar on the right-hand corner.  This is very important!  If you do not share, the photographer will not be notified.  By providing us with a proof of the photo, it ensures accuracy and efficiency of your request.

Step 6.  Retrieve Files

Images requested and shared with the photographer will be retrieved and the zipped file(s) will be emailed to you.  Please note, requested files will be high resolution and the watermark will be removed. 


If you need additional assistance please contact our photographer Allison Waltz-Boebel.